10 Mistakes women make in marriage

Wonder why so many women are in a bad marriage? The reasons may be endless. But sometimes women are to be blamed too! There are some mistakes women make in marriage and ultimately end up feeling miserable. Go on and continue reading…

  1. Involving the your mother in your marriage: Many women gossip the secrets between themselves and their husband their mom. Especially when they have an argument, they immediately pick the phone and narrate everything to their mother, friend or their sibling. It’s a huge mistake to involve a third person, unless you and your husband have decided to do it. It really disappoints and hurts your spouse if he ever finds out that you’ve been spilling secrets all over the place. On top of it, your parents would get seriously worried about you. So ladies, use your brains and solve your problems. Don’t get the third person unless the problem is extremely serious.
  2. Not encouraging your husband: We women expect our husbands to praise our achievements, even if it is something as trivial as a clean room, or a nice coffee. However, are we giving him the same praises? He after all, manages the household expenses, drives you to restaurants, making you happy, fulfilling your romantic fantasies and bares your shopping bills. So don’t you think he deserves to be praised for small things and encouraged when he needs it? Think of it.
  3. Expecting him to be like a romantic prince: Just because your hubby’s “I love you” is stiff and unnatural, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you at all. Men face difficulty expressing their emotions. So don’t expect them to be like Prince Charming. Very rarely you find men like that. But it doesn’t mean he has no place for you in his heart. He assumes that he is expressing you love by taking care of the financial needs of the family. So get used to it.
  4. Problems in seduction: Men use sex to get closer to women. And women need to feel the closeness to have sex. And that’s where the difference comes in. Some women don’t show interest in sex, especially after a child, feeling that her husband doesn’t care for his feelings as long as he’s got her body. Just like feelings are important to women, sex is important to men. So keep this in mind and don’t abstain him from sex for too long, unless there’s a serious reason for it.
  5. Making your own decisions: Ladies, now that you are married, taking your own decisions without consulting him is not a good idea. I am not saying that you don’t have the freedom to decide anymore. When it comes to certain things which are linked to both of you or your family, please don’t take your own decisions and make promises to people. For eg: if your friend invites you and your hubby for lunch over weekend, spare him some respect and consult him before you say yes to your buddy. Same applies to you as well, gentlemen. Please show some respect to  your wife
  6. Acting jealous: It is natural to feel threatened and jealous if someone else is capturing your husband’s attention more than you. However, if you feel jealous for small reasons like goggling at a hot girl in a shopping mall or if he talks to his lady colleagues, then your marriage is in trouble. Trust me, I have seen how jealousy can make you sleepless, miserable, suspicious and depressed. Get out of it as soon as possible or take professional help if needed. Your husband’s not gonna like it if you turn green for each and everything and your happy moments may be ruined.
  7. Nagging: Yeah, you have told your husband that he should learn to express his feeling to you or try being more romantic. Don’t repeat it all the time unless you want him to shout at you.  Don’t start nagging as soon as he comes from office. Bombarding him constantly about the wrong things he did, bickering at him, complaining about your mother in law, cursing and crying will make him impatient to such an extent that he cannot tolerate you any more.  Let him breathe.
  8. Making him responsible for your happiness: Women with low self-esteem put the blame on their husbands. It’s a big responsibility to make someone happy when they are sad. Never put the burden on their shoulders. If there’s something that’s making you unhappy, then take the help of your husband to solve the issue. But don’t bug him saying that he never tried to make you happy. You are responsible for your happy, not anyone else. Try taking up a hobby, or go on a vacation, take a break.
  9. Cutting off communication with your friends: Once you are married, it is very easy to get caught up between household chores, kids, hubby’s romance etc. Many women don’t find time for their friends, with whom they were very close before marriage. Don’t lose touch with your friends. Introduce them to your husband & kids and stay in touch. You need friends, dear ladies.
  10. Not taking time to look good: As much as they glued to the mirror before getting married, women don’t take time to pamper themselves and women lose motivation to look good after a while in marriage. Most women neglect themselves after marriage. Men are visual creatures. Its great to bear the responsibility of the family, but please do take time to look “great”.

Did I miss anything? Please let me know!