10 things to stop caring if you want to be happy in a relationship

Sometimes we take too much burden and complicate our relationships. These traps are sure to put you in stress; you are better off without them. Here are ten things you should stop caring about right away if you want to know how to be happy in a relationship.

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1. Stop caring about Being ‘Always-Right’

You dont have to be the right one always. Never control your partner unless you want your marriage in ruins. Listening to your spouse shows that you respect their opinions and love them. Talk and Discuss. Weigh the pros and cons of every decision you take with your spouse. Dont behave like the “Only Intelligent Human left on the Earth”

2. Stop caring about the “Happy-Facebook-Couples”

(and don’t get jealous of them)

Every family has some couples who are always on Facebook, posting their kissing selfies, their latest parasailing experience or bragging about the best gift their spouse got them. Just because some couple in your family is “always” romantic doesn’t mean they don’t have their own set of problems. Don’t get jealous of them and ruin your own relationship. Worse, don’t compare your relationships with them.

3. Stop caring about the Past.

Past is something you can never change. Stop discussing about some blunder your spouse has done ages back. Past actions, past relationships, past words are meant to give you experience and wisdom, not ruin the present.

4. Stop caring about getting “fullest” attention from your spouse.

It clearly shows you are extremely insecure with your relationship. Give them their space and let them have fun too. Afterall, your spouse spent his 2-3 decades of his life without you, don’t strangle them by asking for constant attention. Instead, focus on your insecurity and solve it.

5. Stop caring about what others think of you.

Because there’s nothing much you can do about it. Their mind, their thoughts, their wish! Some people think highly of you while others totally hate you. Don’t fear about what they think about your relationship and your life. Focus on what you can do instead.

6. Stop caring about what you don’t have.

It’s important to be satisfied in marriage. Just because your spouse is horrible at displaying affection doesn’t mean he hates you. Or Just because you don’t own latest iPhone or a television doesn’t mean you are necessarily worthless. Do work hard to achieve what you can. Do accept what you cannot change.

7. Stop caring about Fantasy-Romance you would love to receive.

Yeah, movies and novels are great. But life is neither a 3-hour movie nor a 300-page romance novel. Don’t expect your relationship to go as rosy as your favorite movie. Your spouse might not be able treat you like your favorite actor/actress did in a film. Relationships need hard work and patience. Let them unfold.

8. Stop caring about everything else…. once a year.

Focus on your each other for a week or so. Get away from your daily responsibilities, mom, siblings, work and rejuvenate¬†yourself. Revive your old memories. Stay adventurous, romantic and have fun. Robots don’t get married, humans do. Travel and travel.

9. Stop caring about the negative crowd.

There are some people whose middle name is negativity. You find doing either or all of these things all the time.

  • Finding faults with everything and everyone
  • Constantly complaining and gossiping
  • Believing life is hard and that they are victims
  • Living with worry and fear

Stay away from them. If you have to be with them, dont talk to them much. Negative people harbour negative emotions which is neither good for your relationship nor your life.

10. Stop caring about proving yourself.

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, not even your spouse. Those who love you will love you in spite of your imperfections. Those who don’t, will find everything wrong with you. You are only wasting time by trying to impress others.

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