12 Life Lessons you can learn from an overbearing mother-in-law

It is said that even the worst of the situations have a lesson hidden in it. The sensitive topic of mother-in-law daughter-in-law relationship needs no introduction. A bitter argument with an overbearing mother-in-law is quite easy to start but have you ever tried to see what life wants to to learn? Here are 12 of them. Feel free to add more of them in the comments section below.

1. Some people come in your lives as a blessings. Others come in your life as lessons.

Not every one is sweet and rosy in this world. Some are arrogant, some are dominating and some are rude. It’s essential to understand that whatever may be the case, there is some lesson hidden behind each and every circumstance. Wise people learn lessons!

2. No one is in charge of your happiness, except you.

Blaming your mother-in-law for your misery is quite common, but remember that happiness never depends on external circumstances. Nature has given you brains. Use them well, create your own destiny and make yourself happy, no matter how unfair your MIL is! That doesn’t mean you have to bear each and everything she says, though. As I said, use your brains, cleverly deal with situations.

3. Never take Relationships anything for granted.

Today your husband might support you in an argument you have with your mother in law, tomorrow he might support his mom, the day after he may stay neutral. Dont take things for granted, as they might change any time. Set your priorities and get going on with your life.

4. Accept people and situations as they are.

This is a universal principle for a better life. Dont try to change anyone, accept them. There are certain situations in life when you are forced to believe in Karma. Everything happens for a reason. So if you have an overbearing mother in law, understand that you are meant to deal with her. It’s quite hard, but hey, that’s life. Either you stay as a submissive daughter in law, dancing to her tunes, OR  you choose to create your own destiny and fight for it. Its your choice. Accept the situation and respond to it.

5. People around will constantly judge you. Its none of your business.

Let them judge. Some people have infinite time with them. All they do is judge about your behaviour and gossip. If your mother in law is in such a category, remember that its their business, not yours.

6. Ignore the ones talking behind your back. That’s where they belong – Behind your back!

I love this quote by “Jerose Bautista“. So well said. I hope you got the point here.

7. You don’t have to win every argument. It’s okay to lose and accept your mistake 

It’s tempting to overpower your mother in law and win in an argument, but is it the right choice? It’s okay to accept your mistake and learn from it. You may not be a better daughter in law in your mother-in-law’s eyes, but you will definitely be a better human being.

8. Never share your personal matters, marital issues with anyone except your spouse.

Dont try to involve your mother in law in any of your personal issues if you want some peace in your life. If your husband shares everything to his mom, by all means, go to any lengths to stop it. If he’s a man, he’ll listen to you.

9. If you want to lead a meaningful life, GO OUT & WORK!

Finally, if you want to have a life apart from listening to your family member’s gossip stories and discussions about the night’s dinner, then its time to leave your comfort zone. I am not saying you should leave your house and run away. Get a job, start an NGO, volunteer for a better cause, Travel, Make memories, Start a business. Leave your cozy couch and face life.

10. Your MIL’s daughter is always better than you in your mother-in-law’s eyes.

Please don’t compete with them 🙂 Competing with your mother-in-law and sister-in-law is a sure recipe for a terrible lifestyle. If your goal is to beat your sister-in-law and achieve a first class impression from your mother in law, you are fighting a losing battle. Daughters are the best, Daughter-in-law are the second best. There may be some MILs who are very practical and value decency, goodness and virtue in this arena. If you have such a mother in law, that’s amazing!

11. MIL may not be the best teacher in cooking and parenting, but she’s more experienced than you are!

Appreciate her for that, at least! You can sometimes take her advice in cooking or parenting. She’s not all bad and drama queen. She too has lived her life and knows stuff..!

12. If not for her, your husband wouldn’t even exist.

Even a world’s worse mother-in-law is a “Mother” in the first place. Without her, your sweetheart wouldn’t even exist, let alone love you and take care of you! Keeping this in mind should keep with gratitude, at least!