15 Things every Indian Woman hopes to shout out loud to the society

Check out these 15 things that are not so cool anymore. Woman are hoping for the respect and equality they deserve.

1. Male domination is over

Gone are the days when women were expected to behave like servants. Men have dominated women for decades, and treated them badly for stuff like dowry… but the phase is over. All are equal.

2. There’s nothing wrong if a wife earns more than husband

Please keep your big-fat egos aside. Nature has given the same brains and intelligence to men and women. It absolutely doesn’t make sense why a man should be pissed off if his wife earns more than he does.

3. Men can help in household chores too!

When women earn and make money, what’s wrong in men helping in household chores? I hope I made my point.

4. Stop being a mama’s boy!

I know you love your mom and I appreciate it. I have nothing against moms or mom-in-laws. But don’t take your marital issues to her. Your wife’s going to suffer with this attitude of yours.

5. Girls are naturally emotional and expressive than guys.

That doesn’t mean they are overreacting.

6. We wear whatever we like. Period.

Keeping our safety in mind is really awesome. But we know where not to cross the line. Its time you gave us some freedom.

7. You can listen to the opinions of Women.

Women are intelligent too! You can’t always be Mr. Right. Try Listening to us sometimes.

8. Dont judge women based on her appearance.

Don’t judge women on how fair she is, how tall she is, or her weight and the size of her breasts. You are not exactly a hero either.

9. Marriage is not all about having kids.

Its surprising how many men still marry with a primary goal of having kids. Grow up, please!

10. We are not “Men’s Sexual Pleasures Machines”.

Please Respect us in bed. Dont make us feel used.

11. Respect our PMS.

Because menstrual time is hard.

12. Learn to baby-sit your kids.

Children can make you feel amazing. We love it when you become a responsible father 🙂

13. Cooking is sexy!

So you can cook too, at least sometimes!

14. Feminism is not about hating men. Its about gender-equality.

We dont hate men. We only fight for equality with men. Being controlled by husbands and getting dominated by men is tough!

15. Help us by raising your voice for woman’s safety.

If you read the news daily, you know how unsafe women feel in our country. Please help us with our safety and protection.

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  1. Glad to share with you that my husband is the utmost gentleman with whom I am lucky to share my life with and he does not fall in any of these categories…… :)….Let there be more tribes like him!!

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