25 Best Memories of being Raised by an Indian mother

Being raised by an Indian mother is sure to leave you with the sweetest memories in your life. All her actions only prove how unconditonally she raised us by putting our needs first and how much love she has given us in life. Here are some of the best memories we can recall. Tribute to all the Indian mom!

1. You were fed way beyond your appetite.

2. You never needed an alarm to wake you up.

3. If your lunch box was not empty when return from school, you were in for deep trouble.

4. She was always in rescue in case, your dad refuses to sign your report card for poor performance

5. She was is always worried about your health.

6. When you say, “Mom, just 3 rotis.”, you’ll find 4 in your plate.

7. When you were out, you used to get a call from her every 2 hours.

8. When your teacher complains about your behaviour, your mother would try to defend you as much as she could. But she would kick your ass when you were home.

9. When you were running out of money and couldn’t ask dad, she’s the one you used to run to.

10. There were times when you went to sleep without blankets, but woke up with them on.

11. She gives you a liberal helping of  Ghee/butter with every dish.

12. You studied late night with a cup of hot tea prepared by her in the middle of the night.

13. She goes to temples no matter how far it is or how long it takes, just to pray for your happiness.

14. No matter how late you reach home, you always had a tasty meal waiting for you.

15. You have got to drink it every morning, (sometimes in the evenings too!)

16. Multi-tasking is her middle name. She manages hell lot of things like a wonder woman.

17. She works normally even when she’s unwell.

18. She is an expert at finding things that you have been searching for hours.

19. She yells at you when we do something wrong, but as soon as your dad gets angry, she is immediately on your side!!

20. You leave home with a huge mess in your room; but when you return, everything would be spotlessly clean.

21. She did get angry with you, but she used to cuddle and apologise you almost immediately.

22. She’ll never stop loving you, no matter how you behave with her or how old you are.

23. If you are a girl, she was the one who helped you through menstruation time and your first period.

24. She made sure you stay in touch with your relatives by insisting you to speak to them on the phone

25. She never missed a chance to tell everyone that you are a star!

26. If anyone says something bad about you in front of her, HELL, they are done.

27. When you are down with fever, she was up all night checking temperture and keeping wet towels on your forehead.

28. A typical phone call from mom when you are staying out of town.

  • “Have you eaten?”
  • “What have you eaten?”
  • “Why have you eaten so less?”
  • “Why don’t you eat ________?” (Fill in the blank: Everything From parathas to rice)

29. You are always a little kid to her, no matter what your age is.

30. Your happiness is her ultimate goal.

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