6 tips to improve relationship with your co-sister

Marriage is a big makeover in a woman’s life. Especially, in India, the girl has to not only marry her life partner only but his whole family. The most relevant thing for a woman after getting married is to have good relations with her in-laws. For some women, it is not easy to get along with their in-laws. It’s become more difficult when a woman has co-sister, especially, of same age. So, here are 6 tips to improve relationship with your co-sister.

Tips to have good relationship with your co-sister:

It is very important to balance your relationship with your husband’s brother’s wife. The ugly side of truth is there could be many problems or misunderstandings with a co-sister. You always need to balance this relationship because it is always convenient to share your feelings with someone of your age. Here are some tips which will help you to avoid any problems in future.

Try to be her friend: Irrespective of age of your co-sister, whether she is older than you or she is younger, if you want to have good relationship, approach her feelings through the path of friendship. Make her as well as yourself comfortable in the relationship, which you share. Do not try to be formal. This will help you to make your relationship stronger.

Build trust in relationship: Building trust is the foremost thing a wife should have in her relationship with her co-sister. You need to develop confidence and trust in her. She should be able to share things with you if needed.

Give time to your relationship: You need to spend some quality time with her to improve your relationship with her. You can go out for shopping, dining, movies or other activities which both of you can enjoy, in each other’s company.

Handle the differences: Tackling the differences in a right way is important thing. It is very obvious that differences will arise, if two women of same age are hanging out. All you need to do is to stay calm and act wisely when you have differences with her.

Sort out your problems: The best option to sort out your problem with her is to sit and talk about the problem between both of you. As much as possible, avoid interference of your husband or mother-in-law or any other third person. This will complicate your problem and things will never get sorted out. Thus it’s better to stay calm and talk about your differences with her.

Understand her view points: When you talk out your problems, try to understand her view point as well. You need to understand what her expectations are and what you can do to reach out her expectations. If you are not able to reach up to her expectations, then you have to tell her straight way without any hesitation, to avoid any trouble in future. The same goes other way around as well.

Healthy relationship will only sustain, if you stay positive in the relationship. Things will definitely be improved if you act and smartly in your relationship with her. This will help you to have her support other than the support of your husband at your in-laws.