8 embarrassing things that happened to us at some point of life.

Almost in everyone’s life, there are going to be moments that make us feel extremely stupid!! Take a look at few such moments and recall your most embarassing moments of your life with a smile.


1. Waving to someone who isn’t actually waving at you



2. Saying something to a group only to realize that nobody is listening.



3. Watching a movie with your parents and a kiss or a romantic scene suddenly crops up.


4. Your partner/buddy acting stupidly in public.


5. Making an untimely joke and looking foolish.



6. Being overheard by the person you are gossiping about.!


7. The Snort you get while laughing in a group.



8. Getting caught while talking to yourself…. and feeling stupid.

Image Credit: All images from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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