8 signs that your husband’s umbilical cord has not severed yet

It really affects when the other woman is involved in your marriage. Here are 8 signs that your husband’s umbilical cord has not severed yet.

  1. He cannot make his own decision: 

    If decision-making without talking to his parents is something your husband has never done, you can be sure he’s a mama-boy. Its okay if he consults his mom for really big decisions, ocassionally. But is your honeymoon destination dependant on your mother  in law’s approval? Not a good sign!

  2. He doesn’t hide anything from his mom: 

    Your husband has no secrets with his mom. Spilling all beans to his mom? He shares everything that happened with his friends, work, and even the fights he had with you.

  3. He shares money with her: 

    If he is financially better than his parents, then he may share his money with his parents. There’s nothing wrong with it, however, is he sharing his money without ever consulting you? That’s something fishy!

  4. He loves his mom more than he loves you: 

    He may say that he loves you, but his actions show that he places his mom way above everything else. If he drops everything when he gets a call from his mom, you can be sure that you have married a puppet of your MIL. An ideal mama-boy enjoys constant gossiping and talking with her, sleeping in her lap occasionally, and loves getting overly-pampered and behavs like a 6 year old.

  5. He gets angry when you speak against his mom: 

    By any ill luck, if you complain about your MIL, he blasts you apart with words. He hates to hear even a single negative comment about his mom and is happy to think that she’s the best women in the world.

  6. He compares you with his mom: 

    He expects you to be like his mom, cook like his mom, clean like his mom etc. And you may be prone to comparison occasionally. He sees her mom as a role model and expects the same from you. (which is silly!)

  7. He cant say ‘NO’ to his mom: 

    His mom’s word is law. Saying “no” to his mom is as good as a deadly sin. Your MIL has succeeded in dominating his life so much that your husband just cant do anything that hurts her!

  8. He has too many emotional ties with his mom: 

    His emotional attached to his mom goes to such an extent that you start wondering whether your husband married you or his mom!


When married to a mama-boy, you…

  • Start feeling distant and lonely.
  • May want to revenge on your mother in law.
  • Become overly bitter and jealous.
  • Fight and argue everyday.
  • May lose interest in marriage.