9 Signs that your relationship with your mother in law is ruined

Here are nine signs that you and your mother in law are going through a cold-war phase and your relationship is totally ruined.

  1. You disagree everything she says, even if she’s right: There’s hatred inside you, so you’ll be tempted to disagree everything she says. You’ll prove that you are always right and how she’s an old age drama queen who knows nothing.
  2. You try to divert your husband’s attention whenever she appears close to him: If you find your husband laying in your mom in law’s lap, joking and laughing together or being fed by her, you try to stop it at any cost. You hate to see them so close and you immediately divert your husband’s attention
  3. You fight for authority over the house and over your husband: You don’t allow your mother in law to influence your husband’s life or decisions. Nor do you allow her to take control over the home (kitchen). You try by all means to push her off the throne.
  4. You don’t allow her to interact with your kids: Sometimes when you are unsuccessful, you use your biggest weapon by not allowing your kids to play with your mother in law. That’s affects a mother in law the most. You try to hit on her weakness, by depriving her of her grandchildren.
  5. You do the things she dislikes, just to annoy her: You will be tempted to annoy her by doing the opposite of what she requests. You are so fed up with her that you sometimes love to see her annoyed.
  6. You are extremely jealous of her relationship with your husband: Almost every daughter in law is jealous of this, but you go a step beyond the usual jealousy. You are far more possessive that you do not even allow them to look at each other if you can manage.
  7. You Google more about “how to make your mother in law jealous”, or “how to get rid of mother in law” etc.: Yup, a good sign that your relationship with your mother in law is ruined or close to ruins
  8. You try to exclude her in your trips, occasions, dinners etc.: Especially if your mother in law is an extrovert, you plan dinners and vacations only with your husband and kids, or with your friends. You try to exclude her as much as possible. By this, you show her that she’s less wanted in your life.
  9. You secretly hope she would die soon: Yeah, it’s a bit harsh, but if you hope for this (and never admit it) then clearly, things are going really worse. At least once or twice, you dream of yourself without her presence in your life.

Confess. Have you ever had any or all of the nine signs mentioned? Feel free to comment.