90 ways to express your love

Your beloved may know you love them but expressing them your love can emphasize the sentiment. Its time to show your sweetheart how much you love them.

  1. Kiss on forehead.
  2. Write a love letter.
  3. Dedicate a song on the radio/YouTube.
  4. Gift a heart shaped pillow.
  5. Draw a doodle of any cute couple: For eg: Mickey & Minnie
  6. Kiss, kiss and kiss more.
  7. Send a bunch of roses.
  8. Thank them for little things.
  9. Wear something your they love.
  10. Give a bear tight hug for 2 minutes.
  11. Gift them a mirror with a quote: “The most beautiful one I’ve ever met”
  12. Whisper in their ears.
  13. Gently bite on the ear lobes.
  14. Shout “I love you” on the top of a mountain.
  15. Make a heart shaped breakfast.
  16. Go on a long drive.
  17. Send romantic Text messages.
  18. Stroke their hair, look into their eyes and kiss.
  19. Feed them bits of food.
  20. Snuggle and Cuddle your beloved under the blanket.
  21. Cry on their shoulder.
  22. Give them a massage.
  23. Plan a surprise party and invite their friends.
  24. Have a candle light dinner.
  25. Watch the sunset together.
  26. Call them up during an unexpected time and tell them that you love them.
  27. Lie down on their chest and listen to their heart-beat.
  28. Do something which they are lazy about (cleaning bathroom, cooking etc)
  29. Make them a dessert.
  30. Set goals with them to achieve together.
  31. Show them that they are your number one priority.
  32. Encourage them to share their fears and insecurities.
  33. Show them love and affection in front of others.
  34. Make them feel proud by talking about their achievements publicly.
  35. Be polite with their friends and family.
  36. Joke with them and make them laugh.
  37. Defend them when someone tries to insult or provoke them.
  38. Take a bubble bath… together.
  39. Make them a journal with lots of photographs.
  40. Watch a movie together.
  41. Support them in every aspect.
  42. Cook for them.
  43. Dedicate quality time.
  44. Compliment them.
  45. Understand their emotions.
  46. Clean the home.
  47. Accept them as they are.
  48. Be sensitive to their needs.
  49. Don’t strangle them too much, give their space.
  50. Show responsibility by asking them their emotional & sexual needs.
  51. Give them something they love the most.
  52. Take them on a romantic outing.
  53. Let your family know much you love him/her.
  54. Listen to them.
  55. Be kind and polite.
  56. Travel a lot and have fun.
  57. Hold their hand when you go out.
  58. Look deep into her eyes and watch their expressions for a minute.
  59. And then, kiss them passionately.
  60. Go on the knees and thank them for being there.
  61. Respect them.
  62. Run a marathon together.
  63. Decorate the room with heart shaped balloons.
  64. Pray for their success and happiness.
  65. Encourage them to be strong in something which they are scared of.
  66. Teach them a skill that they like… swimming, painting etc.
  67. Surprise them by taking them to a place they love.
  68. Be loyal to them.
  69. Don’t hurt their feeling by doing something which upsets them.
  70. If they are upset, be their support. Make them feel better. Talk to them, hug and let them know you are there for them.
  71. Tell them inspiring stories if they are interested.
  72. Cut small hearts and paste them on a sheet of paper. Gift it to them.
  73. Make a video of your moments together; watch your beloved go  bonkers.
  74. Make a special list of their favorite songs.
  75. Enjoy things like horse riding or para-sailing together.
  76. Flirt with them.
  77. Go to gym together.
  78. Watch the stars and share your inner most feelings.
  79. Get their best photograph drawn by an artist, and surprise them.
  80. Sit glued together and enjoy the silence. Feel the presence.
  81. Give the best and most memorable naked hug.
  82. Kiss them all over their body. Cover every inch with your kisses.
  83. Play board games together.
  84. Be a positive influence in their life.
  85. Let them know how much you respect their decisions and opinions.
  86. Send them a greeting card for no reason.
  87. Volunteer for a better cause together. Take social responsibility.
  88. Sit by the beach and watch the waves come and go.
  89. Sing a song for them (even if you are a horrible singer).
  90. Dance together like no one’s watching.

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