About Post Wedding Life

Haven’t you noticed the pattern in most (Indian) movies, or novels? The guy and girl love each other, struggle all the while  to get married or to get the approval of parents, work day and night. But after all the struggle, they are finally married, and its a happy ending. The lived happily ever after.

I wish this is true in the real life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. On contrary, problems seem to start “after the union”. Just imagine how much we have waited for that special someone to enter our lives. Just recall those butterflies and spine chilling emotions that engulfed us when we met our soulmate for the first time. Or when we got married. The first kiss, the honeymoon, the endless phone calls. Many of us entered the world of marriage with golden expectations. And its no wonder, the movies and novels really influenced our minds. Many of us thought marriage as bed of roses. Little did we know that there are thorns in there too.

And that’s the main point of Post Wedding Life. Learning to enjoy the roses and dealing with the thorns.

Once you are married, you will start to enjoy a great sense of security and love. However there are obstacle and rough patches too, which keep cropping up as you and your spouse lead your life together. The best marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s never been a problem at all, it only means that the couple stayed and worked together during the conflicting times and that makes the bond even more stronger.

So go on and have fun reading our articles, experiences of other women, or sharing your own experience and enlightening others.

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