Are you grateful to your mother in law?

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When was the last time we were grateful to our mother-in-law?

Your husband wouldn’t even be on this planet if it weren’t for your mother in law. Lets face it. She’s his mother and knows him the best. She took all the pain to bring him up for what he’s today. If your husband supports you, and treats you with respect, then you owe a lot to her.

Trust me, she may be jealous of you that her son is now your man. She may be bitter, she may offend you, but all these actions are only a result of the fear. She treats you as a part of your family. And deep inside she loves you. And once she is sure that you are no harm to her family, she expresses her love in a very surprising way and becomes possessive over you just as she is possessive over her son 😀 She loves to see her son happy and hence makes sure you are happy as well.

She loves your kids and makes a good grand mother. Remember your childhood moments with your own granny. The fairy tales, the gifts and the cuddle. You still cherish those moments, don’t you?. Be grateful to your mother-in-law because she will make sure to give your kids a great time and they cherish their memories when they grow up.

Are you grateful to your mother in law? Feel free to comment below

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  1. Hey, This is a nice question and I would be more than happy to comment rather share my experience with my mom-in-law.

    Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a working women and mother of a 3 year old. Married for last 4 years now. Its Mummy (what I call my mom-in-law) who takes care of my Son, more than how I can. Is that the only reason to like her.. I guess NO.

    I still remember the first day I was at my husband’s house (my sasural). Mumma handed over the keys of almirah and asked me to take out whatever I want to wear (jewellery, saree, makeup, anything). I was really impressed and felt like a member of the house.

    She is the one who always treats me as her daughter & not daughter-in-law. I always share a great camaraderie with her, more than my own mother. She try to help me with all my household work, considering the fact that I am working. On top of that she is the one ho tries to sort out the quarrels that we generally end up with (i’m talking about my hubby) :P. She is always worried if every member in the house had his/her meal and much more.

    I can never thank her by any means as I think she always deserves more than one can do for anyone.

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