Balancing Work and Family: 5 Important Tips for Moms

What can be the most cherishing sight for a mother? The smile on her child’s lips undoubtedly. But, what about working mothers, who are passionately committed to career development as well? Why, the same bewitching smile. Now, there’s a little-overlooked reality, especially about working mothers. Hopelessly compelled to divide their time between unavoidable work and precious family, working mothers become self-acknowledged survivors of guilt and stress.

But, remember the saying, every cloud has a silver lining? So, let’s start by defining the concept first.

What is work-life balance

Work life balance refers to the harmonious way in which, both pressures at work and home are carefully handled so that neither family nor work suffers.

Now, let’s make a careful study of the below-discussed points as they are sure to help all working moms find suitable ways of managing both work and family.

How to balance work and family

Organize your day in advance

To achieve a balance between work and family, take care of your responsibilities beforehand. Set aside the dresses, uniforms that would be needed the next day, decide upon the breakfast, each would prefer, and place all necessary items such as school bags, purses, mobiles in places, from where they can be easily fetched.  Also, divide certain duties between you and your husband, like, who is supposed to buy groceries or take the kids to school. Efficient time management inculcates discipline in today’s fast paced life and seems to iron out the creases of incompetence and frustration, thereby making life a lot easier.

Remain connected with your kids

Make time amidst your busy schedule to call your kids when they are alone at home. A mother’s voice serves as a potential tool for a child in driving away all worries; he basks in the faith that your assistance can invariably be sought. Simultaneously, your little one’s musings are sure to pull you through your hard times at office. If you have a small kid, furnish him a lucky charm or give him a photograph of yours to kindle the assurance that you are always with him.

Be a diligent worker

Whether you are a nurse, a lawyer, or a doctor, ensure that you give hundred percent to your work by purposefully abstaining from baseless gossips, long lunches or random internet surfing, all that can render you less productive. By remaining in the good books of your employer, you may at times earn additional benefits like paid leaves during your child’s sickness or a crisis at home.

Relish leisure hours with your family

When at home, invest quality time in knowing what your kid has done all day, or how your husband’s day at the office has been. Patiently help your child in finishing homework, cater to his demands, involve in small indoor games or jazz up the ambiance by tuning on to soft and soothing music. Also, while arranging weekend trips, picnics or outings, have a hearty conversation with your children and husband regarding their preferences. If you are a school teacher, then make sure that the holidays (which you too get), are put to judicious use, like organizing a summer camp, a cooking workshop, or salsa lessons.

Discover the real “you”

Caught in the grueling rat race of being the mistress of two worlds, do not ignore your finer sentiments or health. Reckon the unspoken truth that you cannot please everyone, always. Hence, salvage some moments of crucial introspection to analyze earnestly, whether your labors are indeed fruitful or not. Thereafter, seek ways by which, your pent up desires find appropriate gratification. You may pamper yourself with a hair spa or a cozy rendezvous with a dear friend. To maintain your vitality, practice yoga, do exercises and most importantly, have health check‑ups done, once in every six months.

The pleasures of being a working mom

The fact that you now have the capacity to indulge in some added well-being of your little one ought to be the supreme boon, bestowed by your work. Hence, face the uncompromising challenges, fulfill all necessary commitments and be proud of your achievement. Starting from ordering a study unit to saving for his higher studies, you can now afford all.

Striking a balance between work and family indeed requires a lot of effort, but realize that ultimately it depends on you to make the most of the uncompromising troubles and emerge triumphant. Hence, chuck off all grievances, be honest in your pursuits and help to make your life resemble a beautiful rainbow.

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