Long Distance Marriage: Dissolving Distance Through Diligence

What is the singular attraction of heading home after a day’s long and tiresome work? Obviously, the warm hug of a loving husband. But, what if that loved person stays miles and miles away? Indeed, the prospect of distance in a long distance marriage looms large, much as a noncancerous facial mole that even after being harmless prevents a face from becoming flawless.
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13 Outstanding Things Happy couples do differently

I feel there’s no such thing as “made for each other”. People have unique and diverse mindsets. A happy couple is never synonymous to a perfect couple; Instead, it’s just two diverse and different persons complimenting each other and enjoy differences. Happy couples create love. They love to compromise and take responsibility. Here are 13 things happy couples do differently than the rest.

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A priceless gift you can give your beloved

Note: This article simply uses masculine gender words like (he, him, his) for the sake of easy experience to the readers. However, it can apply to both the genders.

As your life gets caught up with kids, home, office and cooking, the love and romance between partners take a backseat. Although this may not be a red-flag for your relationship, it can definitely contribute to boredom and marital issues. And soon, you will start losing the essence of marriage.

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The Ultimate Guide on being a Good Wife

Image credit: Bigjom via Freedigitalphotos.net

Whether you are newly-wed or known each other since 10 years, it always pays off being a good wife. I have seen women who believe that a good wife is someone who “listens to her husband” or worse, “sacrifices herself to make her husband happy”. Unfortunately, these kinds of women only create a lifeless marriage for themselves. They end up feeling like a machine. While compromise is a necessary step in a marriage, it doesn’t mean that one has to sacrifice everything to make her husband happy. In fact, a study actually concluded that men like women who stand up for themselves. So let’s dive into out topic on how to be a good wife to your husband.Continue reading

Questions to ask yourself before you plan for a kid

A baby is a huge commitment in life. If you want to enjoy your pregnancy and your motherhood to the fullest, then its read on some questions to ask yourself before you plan for a kid. After all, being a mother is one of the best and most precious gifts given to women by nature. Make sure you that the wonderful time doesn’t sink in tears or burn in anger.
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