13 Outstanding Things Happy couples do differently

I feel there’s no such thing as “made for each other”. People have unique and diverse mindsets. A happy couple is never synonymous to a perfect couple; Instead, it’s just two diverse and different persons complimenting each other and enjoy differences. Happy couples create love. They love to compromise and take responsibility. Here are 13 things happy couples do differently than the rest.

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12 Life Lessons you can learn from an overbearing mother-in-law

It is said that even the worst of the situations have a lesson hidden in it. The sensitive topic of mother-in-law daughter-in-law relationship needs no introduction. A bitter argument with an overbearing mother-in-law is quite easy to start but have you ever tried to see what life wants to to learn? Here are 12 of them. Feel free to add more of them in the comments section below.

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Managing your “Difficult Mother-in-law” like a pro

I understand you!

I know what’s it’s like to be with a mother-in-law who is overbearing and narcissistic. I can understand the obstacles you face.

While not all mother-in-laws are unbearable, it’s a real headache if yours is not one of them. I have tried to list out some common problems faced by young wives and given possible solutions to them.

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The Pros and Cons of Living in a joint Family

This article is a part of The Complete Guide to Dealing with your Mother-in-law – Chapter Twelve

In India, it has always been a tradition to live in large joint families with all the members sharing blood relations and living under the same roof. However, with the adoption of westernization, these traditions are changing and people prefer to live in small or independent nuclear families. The very essence of being in a joint family is being lost day by day.

A good read would be this Complete A to Z Guide on Living in a Joint Family
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Healthy Relationship with in-laws

This article is a part of The Complete Guide to Dealing with your Mother-in-law – Chapter Eleven

A healthy relationship with in-laws is extremely essential and a bad one affects your relation with your partner. Sometimes, after getting married, a woman tries to establish a healthy bond with man’s parents to get the love of her husband. However, according to past study, sometimes, the closeness of a woman with her in-laws in early years may result in differences with her husband.

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