Maintaining a healthy Relationship with your Brother after he’s Married

1. The Biggest Secret

Realise that the ONLY WAY to have a better bond with your brother is by respecting and accepting his wife. Never complain about her to your brother. He may keep quiet to avoid conflicts but he is bound to support his wife. If you hate her, chances are, your brother will not be comfortable with you anymore.

2. A little warmth never hurt

Your sister-in-law is new to your family. Instead of getting jealous, help her feel at home with your family. Be polite and talk to her. Get to know each other. Don’t project your insecurities and fears on her.

3. Have you put yourself in your SIL’s shoes?

As much as you fear about losing your brother, your sister-in-law has her own set of fears. She fears feeling left out, ridiculed or dominated. Put yourself in her shoes and consider her perspectives. She’s never a threat, as you think. Help her get over her fears by giving her good assurances and you’ll definitely be great friends.

4. Why not go on a Long drive

If you miss your brother, go on a family outing together. Have some fun and spend a day with them. Go on a picnic or the beach and simply relax for the day. Don’t make a mistake of not inviting your brother’s wife, though.

5. You’ll eventually lose if…

…you compete with her! Don’t strangle their relationship by going in between them. People are not stupid; they can sense your emotions. Competing with her for your brother only shows the level of your immaturity.