Tips for Getting Along with Your Brother’s Wife: Quick Read

  1. Understand that it’s natural to be a little jealous. The important thing is to control your jealousy, not to let jealousy control you.
  2. Behave with empathy. Your sister-in-law is from a totally different family. Help her adjust in your family by having a friendly attitude and a warm approach.
  3. Get to know your common ideas and hobbies. Develop friendship over those areas where both of you are comfortable.
  4. Don’t ask your brother to choose between you and his wife. Questions like “Whom do you love more? Me or your wife?”is downright immature. You are sure to lose.
  5. If you have a problem with her, talk to her; not your brother. He’s going to support his wife anyway.
  6. Don’t try to badmouth her to your mom or brother with an intention of ripping them apart. It may work for a couple of days… but in the long run, it’s going to backfire on you.