Is your husband really too close to his sister? Or are you simply too jealous of their relationship??

The biggest problem with your husband being close to his sister would be the attention factor. You are with a completely new set of people whose habits, backgrounds are totally different and you may feel aloof. In such a scenario, if your husband’s attention is divided between you and your SIL, you are bound to feel lost. Your husband and his sister have long-standing habits; that connection may make you feel extremely insecure and jealous of their relationship.

If your husband and his sister are getting overly involved in each other’s life, no amount of yelling can help you. You have to fight fair when it’s inevitable.

Here’s are some ways to solve this problem

1. Try to Analyse:

Before anything else, firstly look at the entire situation from a third person’s perspective. And try to analyse: Is your husband too close to his sister that he has no time left for you? Or are you magnifying things and being unreasonably jealous? If the problem is with your husband or sister-in-law, you’ll have to talk to them and solve this issue. If the problem is with you, you’ll have to work on your attitude.

2. The only one who can solve the problem:

When the problem lies with your husband, he is the only one who can solve this problem. Clearly tell him that the attention and love you ought to receive is getting diverted towards his sister. Let him know that it’s affecting you badly. If talking to him is leading to an argument every time, write him a letter/email on how things are making you go mad.

3. It’s all about getting connected:

A brother and sister’s connection is quite simple and stressfree. Being buddies since childhood, they are naturally well connected to each other. However, a husband and wife’s relationship needs effort and patience. And start being realistic. Take steps to strengthen the bond between you. Surprise him! Make him feel important. As time goes by, his priorities will definitely shift towards you. It is natural for you to feel jealous when you see your husband and his sister bonding so easily. But don’t be disheartened.

4. Recognise your Greatest Strength:

Your greatest strength lies in learning to love yourself. One of the secrets to get your husband to love you is actually to do the exact opposite of it. Don’t depend on your husband to love you. Trust me, when you start loving yourself more and get busy with your work, hobbies and lifestyle, he is bound to love you more and more because Men love emotionally independent and mentally strong woman. 

5. The Biggest Mistake you can ever make:

The  worst thing that you can ever do to your marriage is complaining about your husband and his sister to your MOTHER-IN-LAW. Remember that blood is thicker. The moment you complain about your husband and his sister’s relationship, your mother-in-law will switch sides and accuse you. You will be left alone on one side without any support.

6. Let a third person help:

No, not your parents or friends, you need to meet a relationship expert. Sometimes we cannot solve things ourselves. Each problem is unique. So try solving it by taking  professional help when nothing else works.