Tips for Getting Along with Your Husband’s Sister: Quick Read

  1. Your husband’s first priority should be ‘you’, not his sister. If that’s not the case, then you should seriously consider helping him redefine his family and priorities.
  2. Be friendly with your sister-in-law but don’t be overly friendly, no matter how close you feel. Define some boundaries. It will help you maintain a balanced relationship.
  3. Never share your marital issues and fights with her. She’s bound to support her brother even if the fault lies on his side.
  4. Initiate family outings or invite them to lunch/dinner occasionally. When she sees you taking effort to maintain a good friendship, she not only stops feeling insecure about her brother but also gets friendly with you.
  5. If your mother-in-law compares you to your sister-in-law, don’t get unreasonably angry or jealous of your sister-in-law. Instead, talk to your mother-in-law about it.
  6. Don’t get your husband in the middle of your relationship with your SIL unless you absolutely need him. Try handling small issues yourself.