This is a part of The Complete Guide to Dealing with your Mother-in-law – Chapter Five

You have never asked her for advice yet she starts telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your ________ (child, house, job, husband… etc) Mothers-in-law love to lecture all the time. They believe you are still incapable of taking care of your home and kids, and hence give lots of unwanted advice. Being polite, talking to her about it, ignoring, can only work up to some extent. Constant stream of information overload and nagging is sure to drive you nuts. Here’s how you can deal with it.

1. Stop caring:

Just say an automatic ‘yes’ to whatever she says and continue doing whatever you have planned to do. This conveys a message that you are not ready to take her advice.

2. Don’t react:

Let her do the talking. Don’t even say a yes or no. Pretend to be busy with your mobile or a book you are reading. Just keep walking here and there in the kitchen or your home office. Pretend to be looking for something. Pretend as if you have never heard what she said.

3. Divert the topic:

The moment she starts talking about how you should look after your child, immediately shift your conversation to the day’s weather or something. If she insists on continuing her conversation by repeating the same advice again and again, simply ignore and say “It’s so pleasant today. Let me take my kid for a walk in the park/garden.” And leave the room.

4. Get your husband involved in this:

The idea is that you and your husband together should tell your mother-in-law that her nagging is going overboard and that you would appreciate it if she gave her advice only when you ask her for it. Be very polite, because she may take it as an offence when you both round-up on her. Be gentle in your choice of words and don’t prolong this. Simply convey to her what you want to tell and leave it at that.


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