This is a part of The Complete Guide to Dealing with your Mother-in-law – Chapter Eight

Many working women are extremely happy with fruitful careers and the greatest advantage is having financial independence and respect at home. It helps you improve yourself, not simply sacrifice your whole life for your husband and kids. You lead your own life. It can also help you have a better relationship with your in-laws because you spend less but quality time with them. Here are some advantages of having a job.

1.    You stay financially stress-free:

You are sure to have financial independence when you work. You can provide a better life for your kids and family financially. Moreover, you don’t need to depend on your husband for petty little things. This is the number one advantage of having a job.

2.   Staying distant from family drama:

You can stay away from the constant nagging of your mother-in-law, comparison with your sister-in-law, unwanted parenting advice and boredom of being in your house. A job can give you some time away from all these hassles involved.

3.   You are respected at home:

It is noticed that working women are more respected by their husbands and in-laws than stay-at-home women who tend to be looked down upon. Their attitude towards you totally changes as they see you balancing both the worlds perfectly.

4.   You don’t feel lonely at home:

Being with your MIL and kids all day is sure to freak you out oneday, a job can be a great change. Many stay-at-home women complain that they get bored and irritated soon. A change of environment can bring some peace to your mind. Your life has a balance.

5.   You don’t lose your identity:

This can happen, especially right after you have kids. You wonder what kind of life you are leading! Cooking, kids, in-laws and housekeeping becomes your routine, and you feel nothing less than crap. Getting wrapped up in the house can make you lose your identity and self-esteem.

6.   You have opportunities to make new friends and increase your network:

You can get to see some fresh faces, new thoughts and new mindsets when you work. Some inspire you, some de-motivate you, some are crazy. You can learn a whole lot of things at a job rather than staying at home and listening to the endless reminiscence of how your mother-in-law’s life used to be.

7.   Your kids are inspired by you.

By working, you are being an excellent role model for your kids. As your kids observe how you balance home, parenting  and work, you are subconsciously feeding them with good work ethics, independence and the art of balanced living.


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