Fool proof ways to make your husband Love You irresistibly


Sure, Your husband loves you!

But is it the same love you felt on your first date?

Or your honeymoon?

How to make your husband love you like those honeymoon days?

Yes! Here are the fool proof ways to make your husband fall in love with you again!

1. Step out from your routine:

Do you know the main reason your relationship got boring over years?

It is because both of you are used to each other. You have nothing interesting or exciting. Many of you probably have lived with a routine like this all round the year.


Not only your husband finds you interesting when you make significant changes to routine, but it also helps you rediscover yourself. Do something interesting for yourself and your relationship.

Pursue your childhood hobby: Wanted to learn piano but you never could? Then what are you waiting for? It’s time to pursue something new.

Create new schedules: Spend more time playing you kids, gardening or your favourite hobby. Too much work makes your life a chore.

Take a risk: How about bungee jumping? Or Para-sailing? Do something you have never done before and amaze your husband (and yourself.)

Paint something silly: Take the paint brushes and do the most childish drawing ever. Even if you are an artist, put your skills aside. It helps you release your stress and become more creative.

Key Takeaway: Little changes in identity helps create a new aspect in your relationship, which your husband gets curious about. Step out of your routine and do something new.

2. Create a mystery

You don’t need anyone to tell you that honesty and trust are the crucial ingredients of a marriage. However, a good marriage should also have a healthy sprinkling of mystery without being less trustworthy or truthful.

Remember those moments when you and your spouse met for the first time?

You were new and fresh. Your heart yearned to know about beloved totally. You had a great time exploring each other’s hobbies, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, routines and professions.

After years of marriage, you know completely about your husband and so does he. There’s nothing left to explore and you started taking each other for granted. Life’s dull, revolving in circles of boredom, dullness and emptiness. It’s time to recreate the mystery that’s been lost years ago. Allow him to re-explore you once again.

Your husband finds you interesting only when you make life interesting for yourself.

Cut out the crap: Usually, many women make the mistake of overloading their husband’s minds with useless gossips and incidents, which they find boring… especially after a tiring long day.

Instead of telling him everything immediately, save the gossip/news for future. Bring it up when there’s a relevant conversation is going on. You can tell him when and how it happened

Give him a chance to explore you: If you want him to explore you, you should create some mystery around yourself. Stop doing things he expects from you all the time.

 Example 1: If you have a habit of telling everything that goes on in your mind, then try being silent sometimes. It lets your man wonder what you are thinking. He may even start a conversation. Dumping your thoughts on your husband all the time is sure to irk him off, anyway. 
 Example 2: Show him a new painting done by you, which your husband has no idea that you started. Take some easy beginner’s painting classes online. Show off your new talent. 
 Example 3: Make your husband fall in love with you by wearing a (new) dress he has never seen you in. You can wear his favorite color or pattern.
 Example 4: If you are usually at home when he comes back from work, then go out sometimes. Just a casual walk to the nearby grocery store will do. (Or) If you always eat Italian food when you dine out, break the routine and try something new.  
 Example 5: If you have a very routine sexual style, break up the monotony and try something different. (More details down in this article)  

Men subconsciously love mysterious and feminine women. They love exploring new things….. in you.

Predictability often makes a relationship boring and you take each other for granted. Adding a mysterious element to your relationship without being dishonest or secretive helps keep your husband stay interested in you.

*Mystery should not be confused with secretiveness. Don’t withhold important information or become dangerously unpredictable. That is harmful for your marriage.

Key Takeaway: Create a little mystery in your marriage that keeps your husband interested in you. This paves way for him to explore you more. 

3. He loves it when you are independent

Overly dependent women come across as good and disciplined wives, only in old novels. However, men are also humans with limited energy. If you lean on him for every little thing, he’s sure to get fed up. On the contrary, if you make an effort to lessen his burden, he’ll love you more than you can ask for.

Financial Independence: Share his financial burdens and he can’t be more thankful. Have a secret savings account where a part of your earnings are saved every month. Help your husband when in need or share his financial burden.


So get a job. Or start a home based business.

Emotional Independence: For many men, financially dependent women are not at all a problem, but emotionally dependant wives can wreak havoc in their lives.

If you have the habit of crying for little things, letting other’s words affect you, then it’s time to really get strong. Heavily relying on your husband for your emotional needs can tire him out.


Practice yoga and mindfulness. The more emotionally independent you are, the more he will love you.

This is a great article on how to stay emotionally strong. Be sure to read this.

Key Takeaway: Learn to be emotionally strong and independent. Relying too much on your partner can strangle him. Financial independence can also be an added advantage. 

4. The hot 3-letter-word matters.

Let’s be honest. Men need SEX. If you think that a good relationship has nothing to do with sex, you are wrong. To a man, his easiest and most expressive way of showing his love is through sex. It’s a primitive instinct which, to men, is as important as food! It helps him build a stronger bond with you emotionally.

While an active sexual life is important, being monotonous in your sexual routine can make it a tedious chore. It helps to plan him an element of surprise time to time. A surprise once or twice every month is a good idea.

Plan a seductive night: A well planned night can never go wrong! Here’s what you can do to make it special.

 Sprinkle Rose petals and arrange candle on a random day and make it a special night.
 Make sure you drape your bed in satin white sheets and white pillows. (Red pillows will also do fine. You can have a heart-shaped one)
 Prepare your scented candles: Jasmine, vanilla, rose and ylang ylang are good choices for a sensual feel.
 Get totally naked and wait for your partner to come into your bedroom.
 Light your candles when he enters the room. Candle light can really make you look like a diva. You can alternatively light all the candles beforehand and be ready in a sensual pose on the couch or your bed when he enters the room.

Keep your bedroom door closed if you choose to have sex after dinner.
If he’s stuck to the TV or his mobile, send him horny messages like these…

Offer him a body massage: The best thing to do when your beloved is tired is to offer a sensual massage. Grab his favourite oil or lotion and burn some of your calories and introducing a romantic mood to your partner.

Some Erotic Trigger points can be:

  • Back of the ears
  • Nape of the neck
  • Inner thighs
  • Lower back (where you can find two hollow dips)
  • Nipples (they are extremely sensitive owing to the number of nerve endings)
  • Ofcourse, his genitals! (I dont need to tell you that)

Make sure to rub in a sensual way and an ocassional kiss on the erotic spots during your massage would be great!

Mid-night Surprise Sex: Early mornings are the best time. Lot of men have erections around 3:00 – 5.30 AM. That’s the time you can approach him sensually. Sex in semi-sleep mode is great. Try surprising him this way.

Gently wake him up by kissing or licking in his sensual spots. The last thing you want is to jerk him out of sleep.

Start by rubbing his shoulders or an extremely gentle kiss on his lips and proceed to more intimate parts. If it irks him, try a different style of touch.

The best time to have midnight sex is when the following day is a weekend or a holiday. Don’t do it if your husband hates to be woken in the middle of his sleep or if he’s too stressed out the night before.

A change of location: Constantly having sex in the same place and staring at the same bit of wall is tedious. Try changing the place like:

  • Your car – You can have fun in a parking place or a spot away from noise. Make sure you are the car doors are locked and you are in a safe locality.
  • Your roof garden (if you live in an independent house) – get a blanket or set up a small tent for some extra fun.
  • Get together in a bathtub or under a shower.
  • In a private swimming pool in a resort. (You could book one)
  • If you are daring, try having sex in a fitting room!
  • Try having sex on the floor, instead of your bed.

Make up after a fight: A passionate sex after a big fight is not only super-hot but and also usually relieves all the stress of fighting. Try this and you wont be disappointed.

Sexual Fantasies: All men have some sexual fantasies. Does he love you seeing undressed? Does he like any particular attire on you? Fulfil his sexual fantasies.

Key Takeaway: Sex is extremely important to men. Don’t make it a chore. Plan regular surprises. 

5. It’s not just women, men also feel insecure.

Just because a man doesn’t address his insecurities doesn’t mean that he’s not insecure at all.

Some areas where husbands may get insecure could be:

  • Finances and running a family
  • Sexual ability
  • Relationship with you
  • His looks and body image
  • Parenting

When you understand this, you start being more emphatic towards him. Helping him with his insecurities not only makes him feel better but also increase your connection and intimacy.

Key Takeaway: Husbands can be insecure sometimes. Help them with it.

Some Helpful Tips

  1. His family is important to him. Deal with it. Being cordial and accepting them helps a long way.
  2. Being like an unpredictable and emotional bomb is a biggest turn off. Take a professional help when you have heavy mood swings or sudden bursts of anger.
  3. Do him little things he hates to do (like getting the groceries or washing his socks) but not always. Don’t let him take you for granted. Surprise him occasionally by getting a thing done for him, which he absolutely detests.
  4. Stop giving him the first priority, if you already do! This is a big mistake women make. You should love and respect him, but don’t neglect your needs. Men love independent women, no matter what they say. Trust me on this!
  5. Don’t wait for the next year to meet up your best friends or have a girl’s vacation. It’s alright to leave your husband for a few days and rejuvenate yourself. It only makes both of you yearn for each other because absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  6. Expecting your man to flirt like your best friend’s husband or dance like your favourite actor is foolishness. Remember that he’s unique in his own ways. And fall in love with that uniqueness.

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