Healthy Relationship with in-laws

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A healthy relationship with in-laws is extremely essential and a bad one affects your relation with your partner. Sometimes, after getting married, a woman tries to establish a healthy bond with man’s parents to get the love of her husband. However, according to past study, sometimes, the closeness of a woman with her in-laws in early years may result in differences with her husband.

However, here the question arises: Can your in-laws ever become as close your parents? Can they understand you as good as parents? Sometimes, even when a woman builds a strong relationship with her in-laws, things may not go, as she hoped. A strong bond may give your in-laws, an opportunity to interfere in your personal space as well.

Interference of in-laws in a relationship is one of the common problem, a woman faces after her marriage. A woman needs to know how to balance this relationship. Here are a few tips which will have a healthy relationship with your in-laws.

  • Try to maintain a smart distance: Too much interference of your parents-in-law may sometimes be a thorn in your relationship with your spouse and it can affect your parenting skills as well. They are definitely more experienced, so they may give you advice on handling the relationships, in their own way. However, you should use your own mind to choose, which way to go and whether to get influenced by them or not.
  • Setting limits: It become easier for a woman if she sets boundaries or limits to have lovable relationship with her in-laws. It is less likely that they will behave as your own parents, while listening to your problems with your spouses. Thus, it is important not to tell each and everything.
  • Know them more: If you are newly married, you should not limit your meetings with your in-laws to holidays only. You also need to spend time with them socially as well so that you get acquainted with their traditions, customs and their lifestyle, after all, your spouse is being raised by them.
  • Keep relationship with your spouse, your highest priority: This is the most important thing a woman should follow. Whatever the relationship with your in-laws you have, you should always take care of your husband’s feelings into account without losing your self-respect.

When a woman is married, she is no longer in the protective shell of her own parents; she enters into whole new world and should learn to accept relationships. A woman’s in-laws may be as understanding as her own parents but a limit should be set, to have smooth relationships because a woman’s husband is also involved in the picture. Thus, it’s better if the woman discusses things with her spouse but at the same time, she should not always be complaining. Thus, you should keep your self-esteem high and try to keep relationships with your in-laws, healthy.


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