How to be a Good Housewife

Family, be it joint or nuclear, has always been given paramount importance by Indian women and naturally, the desire to be useful, as well as loving has invariably reigned supreme since time immemorial. And this is more true for those aspiring to be the perfect housewife after marriage.

Guidelines for Being a Good Housewife

Be the ideal homemaker

It is said that home is where the heart is; a place where after a day’s laborious work, every family member craves to be, no matter whatever attractions lie outside. Try creating a pleasing home atmosphere by:

  • Preparing tasty meals
  • Keeping all items of daily use such as mobiles, tiffin boxes, car keys, etc. within reach and maintaining the cleanliness of your home
  • Helping your in-laws in whatever work they may be engaged in, for instance, gardening or sewing
  • Being as economical as possible by keeping a daily record of the financial expenses of your family. Based on it, indulge in small luxuries such as an unplanned outing with your daughter, or arranging a pleasant meeting with family friends
  • Having the practice of worshipping any deity you believe in, and encouraging the whole family to do the same

 Be a non‑complaining wife and mother

A family grows only when there reside mutual harmony and respect amidst all members. And a wife who is mature helps in achieving such an existence by clearly understanding the requisites of each. The following guidelines will enlighten you about the ways.

  • Devote time to know the problems faced by your husband or child
  • Listen patiently to what they have to say
  • Do not criticize, condemn or compare either of them with anyone else
  • Be happy with their achievements and encourage them
  • Build in them the assurance that no matter what happens, you are always with them

Know how to manage time

Donating your entire time for the wellbeing of others is not at all a nice idea. And it kills your positive enthusiasm too. Moreover, both your husband and kid want to see you fresh and energetic, and this can be possible only if you know how to make the correct use of time.

  • Set time limits for specific tasks and note how much time is saved
  • Devote that time to whatever you want; Get a hair spa, or visit a friend
  • Even when at home, find some time for yourself, and read a book, work on some craft project, or anything you may like
  • Gently coax your husband to lend you a helping hand in managing the kids

Remember, it is only when you feel beautiful from within that the urge to be good to others takes shape. But also ascertain that your husband willingly and happily concedes to such significant resolutions.

 Make unexpected plans

Sometimes a little bit of spark is needed to spice up regular monotonous life. After all, who loves to trudge along the same boring routine year after year. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Utilize your creative skills in organizing occasional late night romantic dinners
  • Surprise your kids by taking them to see a movie of their choice
  • Spend spare hours by playing indoor games as carrom or chess and arrange small prizes for the winner

Married life is often compared to an eventful journey with the husband and wife representing two intrepid travelers. Strive to make the sojourn memorable by going through these tips. No, none of them are out of the blue. You probably have known them all along. These are mere anecdotes towards keeping your man and child happy, an indisputable requirement of which is a thoughtful wife. So, embrace them and relish the togetherness.

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