30+ Creative Ways to Surprise your Husband

A marriage without love and romance is simply meaningless. Surprising your husband with simple gestures, treats and gifts is a great way to express love. Especially, if your married life has become boring and routine, something exiting to your husband can really bring new colors to your relationship. In this article, let’s look at how to surprise your husband. There are different occasions that are listed below.

Surprise him for no Reason

Love needs no reasons to express. Any surprise that’s random and unexpected brings a thrill rather than a birthday or Valentine’s Day surprises.

  • Send him cute thank you notes. “Thanks for being there”, “Thank you for making my life amazing” or something like that.
  • Have a bunch of roses, wine, chocolate cake and strawberries in your room. Spend your lazy day together eating, chatting, watching movies and then some love-making.
  • Write I love you on your bathroom mirror with your lipstick or a crayon. (Don’t do it if he’s a cleanliness-freak though, it might irritate him that the mirror is spoiled, far from surprising him.)
  • Cook him a special treats with a heart theme. Heart cookies, heart waffles, your local cuisines like heart shaped idlies if you are an Indian heart shaped pizza or an omelette.


Check out some tools that may help you with a heart-themed food.

Birthday Treats

  • The most usual gifts are watches, T-shirts and perfumes. You may also buy things which interest him… For example, if he loves photography, you can get him a new camera.
  • Make a birthday card yourself. Write out the notes and kiss the birthday card.
  • Decorate the room while he’s asleep. Make sure he’s in deep sleep before you start decorating. And then you can wake him up at 12:00 midnight and wish him with a hug and a cake.
  • Secretly invite his best buddies to a party hall. Make sure that the moment he enters the room, they all yell a big “HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY”. Watch his reaction, and give him some space while he enjoys with his friends.


  • Decorate his cubicle in office if he’s working on his birthday. Check with the office if that’s allowed, though.

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Surprising him with your Pregnancy News

  • Put a bunch of clues hidden everywhere in your home. Let him search clue after clue. The final treasure should be a note with the pregnancy news.
  • Tie a ribbon to the pregnancy test kit and put it on your bed. Let him see that.
  • Write the note that you are pregnant and hide it inside an empty egg shell. Here’s how you do it. Put it in a box which says “Crack open the egg for something special.”
  • Full tutorial here.2
  • Take a large sheet of cardboard with pregnancy doodles or notes. Cut it into different puzzle pieces. Ask your hubby to assemble them. (Don’t make too many pieces though, he may get impatient.)

Cute Surprises from your Kids

  • Take some cute little foot prints along with a “love you dad” note.
  • Help your kid to do some craft with a sweet message underneath. It makes his day.
  • The best is a cartoon drawing of “My family”. If he’s too young, make the drawing as simple as possible and assist your kid.

Surprise him on your Anniversary

  • Drive him to a surprise place which he loves.
  • Make a journal “A journey together for ‘n’ years”. Paste the pictures of your wedding, honeymoon, random weekend pictures, romantic moments, birthday celebrations, previous anniversary photographs, pregnancy and parenting pictures. Make sure your write good punch lines and comments below each (or at least some of them)
  • Gift him a collage of your moments together.
  • Give him a pile of gifts.


  • As soon as he enters the bedroom, make sure he sees the pile of gifts. Those can be anything, watches, cute key chains, collagen, T-shirt, Pens, mobile phone, books or whatever you like. Make sure the final gift he opens has a big note in it. “You are the best gift I have ever got. Thank you for being there. Happy Anniversary.”

A special surprise in his office

Surprise at a work place has to be done a little carefully; otherwise he ends up embarrassed in front of his colleagues. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Here are some ideas.

  • Email a motivational picture along with an inspiring note.
  • Some wives send flowers to their husband’s office. While there’s nothing wrong with it, I feel that it’s a bit embarrassing. Your husband might be an object of teasing and ridicule in his office. If you want to send flowers, get to know his friends, office environment and kind of company he works for.
  • Slip a big chocolate or a candy inside his bag.


  • Call him in the middle of the day just to say You Miss Him and can’t wait to meet him in the evening.
  • Purchase a greeting card and put it on the dashboard of his car.

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Chilly surprises in Bed

  • On a random day, take some rose petals and sprinkle them all over your white satin bed. Decorate the room with candles and add some aromatherapy scent in the room. Watch his reaction. He’ll be waiting to gobble up quick dinner and drag you into the room, making justice to all the decorations you made.
  • Get naked and snuggle yourself inside the blanket. Don’t call your husband into the room or give him any hints. Stay there until your husband joins you. He’s sure to get excited 😉


  • Give him a sensual massage for no reason and watch the tension rise in him.
  • Play the one-hour-resist game. Your husband cannot move nor do anything during the one hour timespan while you give him a strip tease, kiss him all over the body, tease him and see how long he resists. Many men fail the challenge, I daresay.

How did you (plan to) surprise your spouse?? Comment below and add pictures if you wish 🙂

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