Is it important to match horoscopes for marriage?

I remember mentioning in one of my articles that we still stick to the superstition of astrology and horoscope matching in our country. Is it important to match horoscopes for marriage?

Yes and No.

Firstly, lets see why matching horoscope is important in a marriage. Here I am talking about Indian vedic astrology, not western sun-sign astrology. Vedic astrology works on a very deep level. Your personality, your mindset and your strengths and weaknesses are already coded in your horoscope when you were born. Why is it that all of us, in spite of being humans, think and act differently? Why is it that one person is born in a slum, while the other is born in a 24 bedroom mansion? Why is it that some die early and some die peacefully at old age? Why is it that some students study brilliantly in the school, while some are dunderheads? Why is it that some are so strong mentally, while some get upset over petty issues?

That’s because there’s certain energy in the universe which is responsible for everything. Our minds are so diverse because we are being influenced by certain patterns. Now, astrology gives us a clue of our own patterns.

If the patterns of a boy and a girl are compatible, then they lead a happy life together. However, if the patterns are not compatible, then the couple has to go through some rough times. Astrology will be able to check the chances of being in harmony, leading life together without breaking up. Once the chances are less, you can lead your life more peacefully.

Now, if you are relying on a piece of software to tell you whether a boy and girl are compatible, that’s rubbish. Human intuition is very necessary in astrology and no software can ever tell you what you are destined for.

Overall, I would say that an expert astrologer’s advice (not the fraud or mediocre ones) will help you a lot. Now does that mean that if the horoscopes do not match, the couple is heading for a divorce?? It happens if the marriage is done at the wrong time for wrong reasons. But not always. However, such couples are known to go through very rough times, and occasionally leading to a divorce.

It is also said that when you realize your true potential, astrology cannot influence you. A sincere prayer, a strong commitment, helping the needy people, living in the present moment, being humble are known to snap the strings of astrology and destiny.

What if you are in love with some one or married to someone, and never bothered to have your horoscopes matched?

Never mind. Lead your life happy and be peaceful. Don’t go to an astrologer now and get your horoscopes matched. In case he says rubbish like you are a manglik etc, it will only upset you. If you do go through rough times, pray and be patient. Have a commitment with your spouse to make this world a better place. Whether volunteering together in an orphanage, donating your old clothes to the needy, or helping young children in education, do it together. Just a 2 or 3 hours a month. It will work wonders and will improve your love and bond.

What if you are single? Should you get your horoscope matched when you meet someone special?

By all means, try and get the horoscope matched when you meet someone or a married is arranged. Especially if its an arranged marriage and your parents are planning to get you married to a total stranger, then it is best to have the horoscopes checked. Compatibility of mind is really important and trust me, it helps you through good and bad times. Now, a well matched horoscope doesn’t mean that your married life will be a bed of roses. There will be thorns in it, just as everything else in life. But you will be having an easier time than being with an incompatible match. And after all, being together and supporting each other even in difficulties is what makes marriage worth it.