How just 1 year of marriage taught me 10 important things of life

One year of marriage. One year of togetherness. One year of learnings. It has taught me so many things, but here are the most important things I have summarised.

1. Social responsibility together will bring you closer than you can ever imagine.

Volunteering together with your spouse can make your intimacy very strong. Shared social responsibility is very powerful. It invokes the feelings of maturity in both the couples which makes a marriage strong.

2. Setting up boundaries with family, friends is extremely important if you want to stay peaceful.

If you want to be happy in your marriage, drawing boundaries is extremely important. Allowing others in your personal space not only causes turbulence in marriage but also brings you a bad reputation and causes jealousy in others. Your personal issues, fights, intimate moments must be totally within your (you and your spouse) own domain.

3. A letter/note/email conveys your thoughts much better than spoken words.

A good solution to unfair fights and arguments is a written note. It conveys your thoughts and feelings, and keeps your emotions under good control. Most of the time, your anger/extreme emotion evaporates by the time you complete your letter. I am not saying spoken words are bad, but its better to resort to a letter when you have the urge to fight or argue.

4. Self-respect is very important for an individual

Compromising for your spouse and marriage is inevitable. But many tend to get emotionally dependant on their partner and lose their self-esteem during this process. It not only makes your personality weak but also strangles your partner emotionally. Respect yourself and respect your spouse.

5. Praying together is amazing for your relationship.

Taking a few minutes everyday to sit and pray along with your spouse allows you to connect emotionally and spiritually. If you don’t believe in God, you can meditate or do yoga together.

6. Don’t let little things get to you.

Allowing petty things to affect your mind can tremendously affect your marriage. Practice living in the moment and accepting situations. If you want to worry, worry about big things like terrorism & woman’s safety, and get socially responsible.

7. Karma is real. Deal with it.

I don’t care what you say, but Karma is real. What goes around comes back around. What you give gets back to you sooner or later. I apply the same to marriages. Your spouse’s behavior depends on how you treat him/her. Your spouse’s love depends on how much you have loved him/her.

8. If you want to be happy in a relationship, you’ll have to be happy with yourself.

Being happy with yourself is the most important thing in the whole world. Without that you cannot be happy with anything, let alone relationships.

9. Money doesn’t buy happiness. But it does contribute to it.

The best things in life like love, smile, hugs, memories are priceless! But other stuff like food, shelter, our needs and greeds do need money. Lack of proper finances can be a nightmare in relationships. So work hard and earn well.

10. Love needs effort.

Love may evolve out of no-where but it needs a effort to maintain love. It’s not going to be a all rosy in marriage. There will be tough times, you will lose interest sometimes. You wont feel romantic all the time. Hence, its your responsibility to bring back the spark and maintain love.

What do you say? Feel free to comment.

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