5 Ways of Not Losing Friends After Marriage

One of the many side effects of marriage essentially entails losing one’s dear friends. And, in recovering from the sorrow of estrangement from paternal members, it is left as a wound that seldom heals. With time, friends with whom every wish was shared, are reduced to disregarded phone numbers and the several cherished moments take up cozy corners in the dark recesses of the mind.

So, aren’t there any ways to be in touch with best friends while juggling the responsibilities of marriage?  The article makes an earnest effort to furnish ways by which the issue can be solved while keeping intact the priorities of family life, after one’s wedding.

Losing Friends After Marriage

Why do You Lose Touch With Friends After Marriage

Your priorities change: Earlier, you had lived a carefree life, but now you need to take full care of your husband, children, and also, your in-laws, who are no doubt the most important part of your life. Naturally, you have little time left at the end of the day to organize elaborate meetings with friends.

You change a lot too: In remaining cautious regarding the welfare of your family members, you become more dedicated towards your new life. Eventually, the past urge to meet and greet friends takes a back seat. You derive satisfaction in investing most of your time to your family and in the long run, maintaining an active bond with friends dies a natural death.

How to Deal With the Problem of Losing Friends

  1. Make use of social networking websites

Living in the 21st century, you cannot be ignorant of the diverse applications of websites like Facebook or Twitter. Whenever possible, just log in and stay in touch with your mates by chatting, posting pictures, liking comments, etc. But, refrain from making it a 24-hour obsession.

  1. Organize your new schedule

It is natural for a new bride to confront a host of new priorities because of marriage. Stay calm and make a detailed plan of your present events. For instance, the number of parties you need to attend, or the invitations you must keep. Then, calculate the time taken by daily chores such as making breakfast or ironing. You’ll find that some time is always gained. Invest it in calling your buddy. You may also arrange a one-to-one meet up at your home or somewhere else, once in a few weeks.

  1. Lend a patient ear to your friend

Your tummy may be overloaded with anecdotes about your new home and relatives, but realize that an endless saga of domestic details might not be very pleasing to your single friend. So, be judicious enough to be an active listener, when amidst friends and insist on talking about general topics to carry on the flow of the conversation with ease.

  1. Celebrate “Friendship’s Day” with style

At times, we tend to lose the essence of life in rigorously laboring over daily duties. Day’s like Friendship Day and Chocolate Day thus are important, for they endow us with the opportunity to celebrate the relationships that mean the most. So, plan about how you can make this day special for your friend in your little way. And remember feelings matter, not gifts.

  1. Maintain a healthy balance

In fixing a broken knot with your close friend, do not ignore another bond that holds more value in your life. Recognize the different priorities demanded by both; the fact that your friend may be no doubt important, but your spouse is essential. Accordingly, strive to create a balance between the two such that none feels neglected.

Friendship constitutes a carefree association, where neither too much expectation nor commitment matters; whereas, these two form the very bedrocks that help in securing a lifelong partnership called marriage. Hence, be clear about the two and derive maximum enjoyments from both relationships.

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