How to make money at home

There are quite a few ways how to make money at home for a housewife. Some of them may be difficult and take a lot of time like starting a business is tough, getting into a job is easier than starting a business but it is tough to earn a lot of money unless you are in a really good position. Moreover, with the constant responsibilities of your husband kids and in-laws on your shoulders, it may be tough managing things. Sometimes you need to work 8-10 hours before you can come home.

But I am here talking about making money without taking much of your time once things are initially set up. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a short cut route to million dollar treasure. It takes hard work and time. However, once things are set, all you have to do is to spend a few hours a week and yet get earn a decent amount of money.

The model I am talking about is called Passive Income. Some of you may already have an idea of what passive income is, while others are completely new to this term.

Wikipedia defines it the best: “Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.”

Let’s take the example of teaching. Lets say you can teach math. How do you earn money with your teaching skill? Either you go to a school on a regular basis or teach. Or you start a home-tuition, get students to your home and teach them every evening and get a monthly fee from them.

Both of these models require your everyday effort. If you don’t go to school for a week, you lose your wages. But the third model is: you are good at teaching math, you record a video of your mathematics theorems, instructing how to solve something, and you upload the video in an online learning website. Then, interested people buy your video and pay you money for the video.

In the third model, the only effort you put will be recording the video and instructing your theorem. Once the video is uploaded, all you need to do is occasionally answering some questions that students ask, or editing the content once a few years, if you wish to. Other than that, there will be no effort required on your part. You will be getting money every time a student purchases your course and you will be free to go on a vacation or create an other instruction video to make some more money.

Some ways you can make passive income:

1. Blogging: Whatever you are good at, whether its gardening, parenting, fashion, web development, start writing articles on it. Start your own blog and put the articles together in your blog. As you gain more and more visitors to your blog, you can apply to google adsense or similar and make some money displaying ads or affiliate products.

2. Online teaching: As given on the example above, create video courses on the topic of your choice and upload them on online portals. Some of them would be Udemy, Skillfeed, Skillshare etc.

3. Writing an e-book: This automatically gets you income every time your book is purchased. But remember that passive income is not easy. It takes hard work, effort and time. But if done right, it can take you from rags to riches.

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