35 refreshing cucumber face masks to fight your oily skin

I don’t need to tell you the wonders that a cucumber does! This is an excellent face mask for oily skin. Cucumber is extremely cooling vegetable with lots of water, Vitamin A and C. It makes your skin fresh, rejuvinated, reduces puffy eyes, dark circles and is an excellent remedy for oily skin and blemishes.

Please note that its extremely important to do a patch test before you apply the mask on your skin. Especially if you have sensitive skin, be sure to take lots of extra care.

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A priceless gift you can give your beloved

Note: This article simply uses masculine gender words like (he, him, his) for the sake of easy experience to the readers. However, it can apply to both the genders.

As your life gets caught up with kids, home, office and cooking, the love and romance between partners take a backseat. Although this may not be a red-flag for your relationship, it can definitely contribute to boredom and marital issues. And soon, you will start losing the essence of marriage.

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30+ Creative Ways to Surprise your Husband

A marriage without love and romance is simply meaningless. Surprising your husband with simple gestures, treats and gifts is a great way to express love. Especially, if your married life has become boring and routine, something exiting to your husband can really bring new colors to your relationship. In this article, let’s look at how to surprise your husband. There are different occasions that are listed below.

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