Does he love me anymore?

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Do you have a feeling that your beloved doesn’t love you? Do you keep asking yourself “Does he love me anymore? Is he serious about the relationship?”

Before you jump to any conclusions, question yourself thoroughly. In case, you are simply imagining things, you may just be feeling insecure, and it’s got nothing to do with your beloved affection to you.Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide on being a Good Wife

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Whether you are newly-wed or known each other since 10 years, it always pays off being a good wife. I have seen women who believe that a good wife is someone who “listens to her husband” or worse, “sacrifices herself to make her husband happy”. Unfortunately, these kinds of women only create a lifeless marriage for themselves. They end up feeling like a machine. While compromise is a necessary step in a marriage, it doesn’t mean that one has to sacrifice everything to make her husband happy. In fact, a study actually concluded that men like women who stand up for themselves. So let’s dive into out topic on how to be a good wife to your husband.Continue reading

Phases of Indian Mother in law relationship

Indian mother in law and daughter in law relationship can be quite a complicated one because this is a power struggle between two women who are craving for the attention of a single man.

The Indian mother in law pretty much lived all her life in an orthodox family, totally dominated by her own mother in law, husband and elders of her family. Now, when her son gets married, finally she gets some time to stretch her legs and assume the role of the head of the house. She doesnt hesitate to dominating her daughter in law, believing that she has the right to do so. Continue reading

8 Rules of fighting fair for women

Fighting is common in any relationship. Are you upset with something? Don’t scream your lungs out and pick a fight with your spouse. Remember that men have lots of ego and they don’t like being pointed out. Worse can happen if your in-laws eavesdrop and gossip about your fight to everyone (including your kids!) You don’t want them commenting on how rude their daughter in law is.! Here are eight rules of fighting fair in a relationship.Continue reading

Are you grateful to your mother in law?

This article is a part of The Complete Guide to Dealing with your Mother-in-law – Chapter Thirteen

When was the last time we were grateful to our mother-in-law?

Your husband wouldn’t even be on this planet if it weren’t for your mother in law. Lets face it. She’s his mother and knows him the best. She took all the pain to bring him up for what he’s today. If your husband supports you, and treats you with respect, then you owe a lot to her.

Trust me, she may be jealous of you that her son is now your man. She may be bitter, she may offend you, but all these actions are only a result of the fear. She treats you as a part of your family. And deep inside she loves you. And once she is sure that you are no harm to her family, she expresses her love in a very surprising way and becomes possessive over you just as she is possessive over her son 😀 She loves to see her son happy and hence makes sure you are happy as well.

She loves your kids and makes a good grand mother. Remember your childhood moments with your own granny. The fairy tales, the gifts and the cuddle. You still cherish those moments, don’t you?. Be grateful to your mother-in-law because she will make sure to give your kids a great time and they cherish their memories when they grow up.

Are you grateful to your mother in law? Feel free to comment below

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