Signs your husband is having an affair

Are you suspicious or scared about your husband getting interested in someone else? Then read all about infidelity, physical and emotional infidelity and signs your husband is having an affair.

What is infidelity?

Infidelity (a.k.a. adultery or extra marital affair) is a state of being unfaithful to your spouse by enjoying another person’s intimacy. It’s a situation where a person is having a secret love affair with a person while he/she is married to another.

Emotional and Physical infidelity.

Image Credit: Marin via
Image Credit: Marin via

Infidelity can be either physical or emotional. A physical affair involves meeting the other person often, indulging in sexual activities and physical intimacy. Emotional intimacy is a case where often people don’t resort to any kind of physical contact. However,these people end up having a stronger bond by sharing personal and intimate matters, marital problems, sexual conversations or jokes. They create a deep friendship between themselves, which ultimately ends up turning into a secret sexual affair unless one of them puts an end to it.

Many people don’t consider emotional infidelity as cheating. However, these are simply ruining their marriage by being unfaithful to their spouse. By creating intimacy with another person, you are simply cheating your spouse by toying with her affection or cutting out your bonds in marriage.

25% of men cheat their partner by having sexual relationships outside marriage. 45% of men indulge in emotional affairs with other women.

Circumstances that lead a person to an affair

Growing apart in a relationship: Are you in a dead end relationship? Are you bickering and fighting every other day? Are you constantly thinking about separation or divorce? Then it may be possible that your husband will get into an affair.

Usually the first place where an affair develops is his workplace. If he’s got lot of female colleagues, and if your marriage is in ruins, then chances of your husband having an affair are more.

Old crush or ex hanging around: Infidelity occurs even with a faithful spouse and a great marriage. If your husband ex-girlfriend or crush is in contact with him, then be careful. He may be tempted to get in an affair. Although he may feel bad and guilty, he gets defensive about himself. He may tell you that he and his crush are “just friends” but there might be another story going on. Innocent friendships grow into emotional affairs. Emotional affairs lead to sexual relationships.

Sexual Pleasure: Women usually tend to cheat for emotional contentment and happiness, while men usually cheat their wives for sexual pleasure. If you hubby is someone with a great sex drive, make sure you keep him satisfied. Otherwise he may go to a place where he can get it.

Lack of commitment: Men who don’t take their marriage vows seriously get into affairs. Some do feel guilty while others don’t. Especially if a wife is dependent on her husband for financially and emotionally, the husband is more likely to cheat her. That’s because he has dominance the marriage.

Getting bored in a marriage: Many men cheat because of boredom. Even happy couples are known to get rid of their sexual boredom with an affair. So make sure to spice up things now and then.

Business trips and Work place: “More than 60% of the affairs start at work” says a survey. Even a loyal and dedicated partner is prone to an affair if he interacts with lot of people every day or goes on business trips frequently.

“In fact, over 60% of men who have an extramarital affair say they never seriously imagined themselves cheating until it actually happened.”


Signs your husband is having an affair

Sudden change in his behaviour: A sudden change in your husband’s behaviour, whether positive or negative is possible when your husband is interested in someone. An abrupt difference is one of the signs he could be cheating.

Being in phone more than usual: Is your husband is someone who loves to watch the television and laze around in the weekend? Then why is he glued to his phone and talking to someone all the day? Is he laughing a lot? Is he telling you who’s talking to him, or is he simply ignoring the question or getting defensive? Check out these signs.

Talking in whispers: Speaking in low and hushed voice, suddenly stopping his sentence in the mid-way when you enter the room is something definitely worth investigating.

Not telling you anything: Do you constantly ask him about how everything is going on, and all you get is an answer like this “Just let me be peaceful!! CANT I HAVE MY OWN SPACE?” Hmmm… what’s going on, baby?

Not being intimate with you: If you feel that those cute and romantic intimate days are gone, then try spicing up your relationship. However, even in spite of your efforts to rekindle romance, he’s not being intimate with you, then there’s something to be worried about.

Beauty conscious: If you want to know whether your spouse is cheating you, then a drastic change in appearance can confirm your doubts. Is your couch potato suddenly hitting the gym? Is he concerned about how he’s looking? Of course, he would want to impress the other girl, so he will definitely take utmost care of his appearance.

Being guilty: Most men feel guilty when they have an affair. However, instead of ending it, they start treating you extremely nice by showering you unwanted attention, gifts and praises. However, we can spot a fake one from real, thanks to human intuition.

Getting defensive:  If a small question triggered the defensive attitude in him, then he’s may be the bad guy.

“Why are you questioning me like this? Do you think I would lie to you?” “Go on… check my phone or ask my colleagues, they will tell you how hard I have been working in the office.” If this is the case your hubby has got something going on in his life that you are not aware of.

Loving something that he hated all his life: A change in his likes and dislikes could also be one of the signs he’s into something. If your husband hated running all his life and suddenly he’s going to a 10K marathon, watch out. If he doesn’t tell you a genuine reason for his sudden change, you have all the right to be suspicious.

Secretive behaviour: Secretive behaviour and looking for privacy is pretty common when guys cheat. Have you suddenly lost the right to touch his mobile? Is he keeping it secure with new a password? Is he requesting for extra privacy? Do you hardly get to see him these days? Is he unavailable frequently when you call him up? If yes, he may be with someone else.

Change of Sleep patterns: Unable to sleep, texting while you are asleep, pretending to be sleepy when you try talking to him, chatting in late nights for hours together is another sign he’s into an affair. No matter how many times he tells you that the girl is “just his friend”, chatting late night hours with the blanket wrapped around him is not at all a good sign.

Coming home late: He pretty much comes home late every night. No one except him knows whether it’s because of work or something else.

Your Intuition: Finally, the biggest and most powerful sign that your husband is having an affair is Your Intuition. If you have a feeling that your husband is not loyal to you, don’t ignore it. Along with your intuition, if any of the other signs match, then there can be no doubt that he is in an affair.

However, just one of these signs is not enough for you to conclude that your husband is cheating.

A sudden change in behaviour might even occur when he’s trying to motivate himself or something. However, if his behaviour is changed, if he’s talking in whispers to some person, if he’s coming home late every night, if he’s getting beauty conscious and if he’s hiding things from you, then there’s definitely something fishy going on.

We can sense the unfaithfulness of our partner. So above all, trust your guts.