Stay‑at‑home Moms vs. Working Moms: Which One is Harder

A not so frequent advertisement on television hints at a very pertinent fact; the initial guilt-stricken conscience of a working mom on leaving her reluctant toddler at a dare care center, is shown to easily subside on the assurance of unlimited care provided by their proclaimed product. Rather high and mighty! Now, let’s try to imagine the probable responses of our two types of moms:

Working mom: “I too feel the same way when I leave my son. So should I be a stay­‑at‑­home mom?”

Stay‑at‑home mom: “Maybe I should not have left my job. I could have arranged a nanny for my daughter. What to do?”

In both the cases, the mother is dubious about her choice, her preferences and finally the direction her life has taken. This article seeks to analyze the pros and cons of the aggravating conditions to arrive at a feasible conclusion for both types of sad mothers.

The advantages

Working moms

  • Going back to work seems to satisfy the careerist zeal of most working women. No matter how much gratifying the birth of a baby is, after the early excitement has abated, most working mothers (who have had to leave work) feel the pang of depression, stagnation, and boredom.
  • The relentless soaring of the cost of modern living can hardly be overlooked and what can be more fulfilling than being able to rejoice an opportunity of investing a significant portion of one’s hard earned money on the well-being of her little son or daughter?
  • Generally, kids, when left alone (under the care of a babysitter), tend to be more independent than those fussed about by over-protective mothers. (Opinions may vary)

 Stay‑at­‑home moms

  • Words can seldom describe the utter delight a stay‑at‑home mother gains, on being a constant part of the developmental phase of her child’s life. For such moms, the moment when her son first giggles or takes tiny steps becomes priceless.
  • The mental assurance that mom is there in the house, aids in establishing a sense of security in the child’s mind; acting as a much sought after nook where he can always turn up for assistance.

The disadvantages

Working moms

  • There is the all-pervading regret of missing those little sacred moments with the baby that is never to return. Moreover, there lies the self-crucifying awareness that even a super nanny can hardly be a replica of a mother.
  • Even on days when either the baby or husband is sick, it may become difficult to obtain a leave.
  • Juggling between family and home sure takes a heavy toll on the health of the mother. At times, marital relationships take a back seat.

 Stay-at-home moms

  • In the years dedicated to rigorous child nurturing, life tends to assume a predictable and monotonous pattern for most stay-at-home mothers. What is more alarming is that, with time, the required spur to embark on something new begins to sound alien.
  • Kids grow up fast and get on with their lives leaving a vast vacuum in the placid lives of their homely moms. Expectedly it is then that regret steps in.

Stay-at-home mom vs. working mom: The statistics

According to an analysis made by Pew Research Centre, the number of stay‑at‑home moms increased from 23% (1999) to 29% in 2012. This may be due to lower job opportunities or a conscious decision to negate their careers for their children. Nonetheless, following are some tips for both the circumstances.

Work-from-home ideas for stay-at-home moms

  • Online craft seller: Make use of your stitching, knitting, jewelry making skills to sell items online at sites such as Etsy, 1000 Markets, and Art Fire.
  • Home beautician: Learn the basics of makeup and grooming, arrange the necessary equipment such as facial kit, hair dryer, etc. and provide personalized services.
  • A secret shopper: Make a survey of how some products of a particular company are displayed, and guess what, you may be paid for it. Look for these apps such as Rewardable and Gigwalk.

Some relevant points for working moms

  • Make the most of your holidays. Try to spend maximum time with your kid.
  • Make judicious use of your leaves. Save the greater portion for your child.
  • Use your creative side to arrange unexpected surprises for your family.

Whether one is a working mom or a stay­‑at‑home mom, she is entitled to major sacrifices. And, it may be right to assert that it is the circumstance that matters most of all. A single working mom is praiseworthy when, after slogging for hours at the office, she hurries home to complete her son’s homework. Similarly, one just cannot help ignore the tremendous devotion of a stay‑at‑home mom.  Thus, there is hardly any difference in their dedication. So three cheers for all moms!

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