Phases of Indian Mother in law relationship

Indian mother in law and daughter in law relationship can be quite a complicated one because this is a power struggle between two women who are craving for the attention of a single man.

The Indian mother in law pretty much lived all her life in an orthodox family, totally dominated by her own mother in law, husband and elders of her family. Now, when her son gets married, finally she gets some time to stretch her legs and assume the role of the head of the house. She doesnt hesitate to dominating her daughter in law, believing that she has the right to do so. Continue reading

6 tips to improve relationship with your co-sister

Marriage is a big makeover in a woman’s life. Especially, in India, the girl has to not only marry her life partner only but his whole family. The most relevant thing for a woman after getting married is to have good relations with her in-laws. For some women, it is not easy to get along with their in-laws. It’s become more difficult when a woman has co-sister, especially, of same age. So, here are 6 tips to improve relationship with your co-sister.Continue reading

Healthy Relationship with in-laws

This article is a part of The Complete Guide to Dealing with your Mother-in-law – Chapter Eleven

A healthy relationship with in-laws is extremely essential and a bad one affects your relation with your partner. Sometimes, after getting married, a woman tries to establish a healthy bond with man’s parents to get the love of her husband. However, according to past study, sometimes, the closeness of a woman with her in-laws in early years may result in differences with her husband.

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