Unique & Romantic birthday gifts for your husband

Hunting for birthday gifts for your man can be real task. Guys don’t tend to get attracted to cute stuff like girls do.

If you gift him a love quote frame or a bunch of flowers, chances are that it won’t make much of an impression in his mind, even if he loves the effort you put into buying something nice.

One thing I should tell you is that Men are “practical”. They always see “How can I use it?” or “What’s in it for me?” in anything you give him.

The gifts you give him should be either:

  • An expression of your love (Eg: A poem)
  • A Practical and functional item (Eg: headphones)
  • Something that matches his taste (Eg: A unique cook book for someone who loves cooking)
  • Anything Personalised (Eg: A collage frame with photos of you and him)



Write him a letter:

Nothing beats out the tradition of pouring your heart out on a paper. Make him feel unique. Quote your special moments.

And for heaven’s sake, No printouts, please. Write it yourself. Some Birthday letters you can take an inspiration from:


Little bunches of presents:

Give him a basket of his favorite things. You can include:

  • Some Love coupons (more details in point 5)
  • His favourite book
  • A bottle of wine
  • Any chocolate of his taste
  • A handwritten love note from you
  • A small gift like a Watch or a wallet


DIY scrapbook:

A scrapbook by itself can be the winner. Make him one.

Decide on a theme: The most common one can be “Our journey together” or “Our best moments” or “Dreams we have”. And include some important pictures like:

  • Your first kiss
  • First birthday spent together
  • Wedding
  • Your Travel moments
  • Crazy selfies.
  • Movie/flight tickets
  • Poems, quotes, phrases
  • Lots of Polaroid sized pictures
  • Colourful doodles drawn and cut out.
  • Little Stickers
  • And of course, the last page dedicated to birthday wishes


Some scrapbook inspirations to choose from:


Pinterest and tumblr are loaded with scrapbook inspirations too.


Forget his birthday

The Day before: Call up his best friends and invite them over for a surprise party. Invite your close family members or in-laws if your husband is a family man. You can also ask your best friend to bring some food and drinks along with them, which you can pay her/him later.

On the B’Day: Pretend that you forgot his birthday. Don’t wish him. Don’t cook anything special. Carry on as usual. When he feels disappointed, give him a surprise him with your get-together party plan.

Surprise with a custom newspaper/magazine

How about surprising your man with a custom newspaper on the table or bedside as soon as he gets up in the morning? Yup, it’s a little cheesy but you can give it a try!!!



Special LOVE coupons:

Surprise his day by creating for free gift coupons/vouchers for him. Not any restaurant or shopping vouchers, but your own…! You can make some of your own ones, put them in an envelope and give him.

Some free coupon ideas can be:

  • A Movie night with you
  • Candle-light Dinner at restaurant of your choice
  • Be your naughty girl tonight
  • A sensuous Bubble-bath
  • Relaxing Foot massage
  • Back rub

Or you can printout some of our vouchers. Click here for more of them.


Treasure hunt: 

A treasure hunt can be a fun way to set the mood and curiosity in your spouse, especially when you have a big gift waiting for him. Make sure he is free when you start your treasure hunt. Also make your clues visible. You don’t want him searching all over the place for the clue note which is almost invisible.

Start by sending him a message or a note saying:

  1. “How about going on a treasure hunt? Get your first clue in your closet.”
  2. Clue: 1 “No way! Go to the drawer in the 2nd bedroom.”
  3. Clue: 2 “Well… well… well… you have made it so far, how about the kitchen rack/dishwasher?”
  4. Clue: 3 “Bathroom mirror, please: D”
  5. Clue: 4 “Almost there… Run to the Garage.”
  6. Clue: 5 “Yes, you have guessed it right. It’s in the car! Happy birthday, my love! Have great fun”.

He is sure to remember your effort and appreciate you for it!!


Surprise in bed:

This would be the best birthday present for a man. At 12 o clock in the night or in the early morning when he’s in bed, spice up things by slowly teasing him.

Wish him a happy birthday when is semi-conscious and the next thing to do is: Have sex. You have to take the initiative instead of letting him do all the hard work. It’s his turn to lie down and enjoy. Best way to start a birthday.

Get a caricature or a painting of him done:

Hire an artist and get a painting/cartoon of him drawn. It can be one of the gifts you can give him for the day. You can find some artists for a low price at Fiverr.

Throw a surprise party:

This is pretty self-explanatory. Call up his best buddies and throw him a surprise party. Let him spend time with his friends.


Some other presents you can buy your husband:

  • A Good Book
  • A Wallet
  • Sport Shoes
  • A Watch
  • Romantic getaway
  • Magazine subscription
  • Remote control helicopter
  • Sun-Glasses
  • A new mobile phone
  • Tickets to a game or concert he loves
  • Anything Apple: Who doesn’t love Apple? iPhone, iWatch… The downside? It needs money.
  • A Collage of your pictures
  • Upgrade his laptop/software

Do you feel this article is helpful? And What did you give on your husband’s birthday? Feel free to comment.


  1. I am planning to write my own letter, no print – just simple writing with my hands. And also want to give him air ticket to travel another country. that may be fine, right?

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