Work from home ideas for housewives in India

Women in India are still given a low socio-economic status even though they have proved their capability of being equal to men. We have infinite examples in history to prove that women are no less than men. However, the male dominating society in India has always resisted their moves and actions to showcase their skills and potentials. So here are some work from home ideas for housewives.

I believe that women should change this stigma and break the bonds to explore their abilities and talent and prove themselves. Although it is not possible for many housewives to move out of their homes, they still have lot of options to work from home and not let their talents, go waste.
Tuition from home:

It is the most common and easiest job for housewives to prevent their education and degrees from being wasted. You can spare a few hours from your household routine to teach children the subjects, you specialize in.

Cooking jobs:

With the increasing migration of employees for working in cities, the demand for meals through tiffin services is increasing day by day. Women with good cooking skills have great opportunities to cook meals in a large quantity and supply them to the offices and MNCs, and to make a good income. Some women can also earn money by teaching cooking to other women through cooking classes.

Many Indian women make and sell food items like pickles, jams, papads, chocolates and other snacks of their specialty from home. India is a land of many cultures and cuisines that even food items of one state can be supplied and sold.

Art and craft ideas:

India is a home of artisans and these skills are perfectly inherited by women. There is an immense innovation hidden in Indian women, which can be employed to make fortunes, by working from home. Some women are good at painting, some at pottery, some are experts in knitting and weaving, some are good at gift packing and some have tailoring skills. This huge talent can be put to good use by women producing what they are good at and selling these in the market.

The Indian government supports women by providing various loans to housewives to make investments and start up their own small scale businesses. Many women start up their own boutiques and beauty salons at home to keep themselves busy, while making money for themselves.

Various online jobs:

If you are educated and are well equipped with technology, you can always do some online jobs from home as per your interest and qualification. All you need to do is to apply to a suitable company online and get job from them. Once you get a job contract, you can work at home and make the submissions online.

All these ideas help women to showcase their skills and creativity and also become independent at the same time. They can bear a part of the financial expenditures, which will naturally earn them respect. Women should lend an earning hand to the family, even if she is forced in the norms of the cultural practices and family obligations. This will not only provide them respect in the eyes of their families but their husband will also feel relieved to share the financial burden.